Just a girl trying to define her twenties. Work, family, friends and wonder dog, and a lover of everything trying to figure it all out.

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After a year of travel, I’m still not sure. HighRes Photo →

After a year of travel, I’m still not sure.

A year ago I did something different, something new. I took a new job in an industry I didn’t feel like I knew much about. I took a position that was scary to me that presented a lot of uncertainty. I took a position outside my comfort zone. I took a job in which I would be working remote, meaning a challenging role minus having an onsite boss to provide direction. The list goes on.

Tonight I was invited to an honorary dinner recognizing company accomplishments as a group where we’ve reflected on our recent company hosted user conference.  I’ve faced new challenges and feel so grateful for the experiences that I’ve been given. Tonight’s dinner reminded me of all of these challenges an rewards. Did I mention I sat in a small room with some of our company’s top execs? Wow. Sometimes life is crazy. Crazy good.

Woah, I just remembered I had this. Apparently my life is busy. I should add, it’s really good too. 

Our summer stadium tour this year will include Great American Ball Park, Oriole Park and Nationals Park. I love baseball and summer!

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Holy shit.


What is happening in Boston right now?

Thoughts and prayers to all involved.

yup, this 

Me in pure form HighRes Photo →

Me in pure form

Untitled fun HighRes Photo →

Untitled fun

When you stay at a hotel that only has a parking option of valet, do you have to tip every time they get your car?

Happy Tuesday, Happy Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday, Happy Thoughts!

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