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I was supposed to host a NYE party. I got the flu last week and my husband woke up with it at 530am today. I immediately notified the 20+ people who said they were coming to let them know I would have to cancel because my husband was sick. I feel great but didn’t want anyone catching what he has currently. I returned everything I could today from the party and continued to clean up. I kinda thought at some point throughout the day someone, one of my friends, would call me and say, “get out of the house and join me/us for NYE.” But no… Nothing. I should be upset about this right, or am I over thinking?

Ladies Christmas dinner, I’m sporting the awesome sweater. HighRes Photo →

Ladies Christmas dinner, I’m sporting the awesome sweater.

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This past weekend my husband and I joined our friends and neighbors to complete our first obstacle race, Warrior Dash. Our group was fired up and not afraid to get muddy. 

Energy to run with my tribe!  HighRes Photo →

Energy to run with my tribe! 

This past weekend I had the honor of celebrating a bridal shower of a friend of mine since 8th grade! That in itself is amazing to me. The shower was at Ivy in Wheaton and was beautiful! Plus? I reunited with girls from my freshman year homecoming group, some of which are a big part of this upcoming wedding. With our 10 year reunion coming up this fall, the timing of this “pre-reunion” was amazing. It’s no secret that I didn’t LOVE high school, I didn’t mind it but it was not my favorite. However, the shower brought back so many memories. Maybe I really liked high school after all?

Cupcakes via Sweet Mandy B’s 
Photographs via Katherine Salvatori 

Thanks to a former coworker of mine, a high school friend and I were able to attend Windy City Live today. My favorite part? That’s a hard question. I really enjoyed the Mark Decarlo segment on the kids in the board room after they tried making a custom pretzel from Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels for WCL. Just click on the link I shared and watch the video, it will make you chuckle. Post show, I liked trying the new Windy City Live pretzel, I do love presents! But who doesn’t? I also enjoyed seeing Anchorman’s Champ Kind, David Koechner. For another present, the audience received tickets to see him perform stand up live this weekend. Overall, great show, great staff, great time. I highly recommend attending a live taping of the show if you can. 

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